Umela Eyelash Training Courses


Beginner: Level 1 and Level 2 Courses

Courses for a beginner with no primary lash experience. In these two courses, a trainee will learn basic lashing skills, such as lash application, lash removal and lash refill.


Intermediate: 3D Volume Lash Course

Course for a intermediate lash artist who has minimum of six months experiences in lash application or is able to apply a full set of lashes within 90-120 minutes. This course teaches cutting-edge 3D volume lash techniques using Russian lashes and Japanese processes that boost the dimensions of eyelashes beyond ordinary extensions.


Advanced: Elective courses

Course for an advanced lash artist, who would like to brush up her/his lashing technique. Available courses are :
1. Megaup Lash
2. Tokyo Speed Lash
3. Men’s Lash - California Style
4. Color Lash