Umela Training & updates on products

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the summer so far :)  We have been busy hosting lash training courses domestic and international, and attending exhibition over the sea. we are all glad  that we are finally settled back in home and are able to connect with you through our blog :)

First of all, we apologize for delays in getting the online shopping started. All product should be ready to go online by the end of Summer. Until then, please email us directly if you are interested in any products. Our Umela Tweezers are the best sale so far. 

Also, we wanted to share a bit about Umela training took place this month right before Fourth of July weekend. Yumi was in California to host Umela original Mega up and Volume lash training. Mega Up is a new eyelash extension technique to make anyone's lashes point upward without any strains to natural lashes. It is a new and original techniques provided by Umela eyelash extensions, and works well for those who often have sagging eyelashes. 

We had a great time at thetraining program and it was such an honor to work with talented lash artists. For more up-to-date information, please follow our instagram @umela_eyelashextension 


Thank you!!!