Umela Tweezers -Strictly handmade in Japan

Umela offers a selection of high-quality lash extension tweezers. Today, let me introduce one of our most popular tweezers, New Ceramic Tweezer. 

Ceramic Tweezer is strictly handmade in Tsubame-Sanjyo, Japan. Tsubame Sanjyo is located in the center of Nigata prefecture, about two hours from Tokyo station by a bullet train. Currently this cozy city forms a major industrial cluster area of industrial products which inherited the ancient tradition of Japan. Products includes cutting tools, work tools, and tableware, just to name a few. The dedicated attention to details and high craftsmanship of the products made the city name known in Japan, as well as in the world. 

Umela is honored to work with craftspersons from Tsubame-Sanjyo to create products that are friendly with not only eyelash extension artist but beautiful. Below are just a few facts about the Umela ceramic tweezers

1. Ceramic is nearly three times harder than stainless steel. 
Umela trainers have been suing the ceramic tweezers for nearly 2 years. They have of course,    dropped tweezers multiple of times, yet, tips have not get bent so far.

2. Strictly handmade in Japan
With Japanese attention to details and craftsmanship that has been inherited over generations and generations, Umela ceramic tweezers are strictly handmade in Japan. Product inspection are conducted at various stages of product manufacturing process to ensure the quality of product. 

3. Light as feather and easy to grip lashes
Umela ceramic tweezers and light weight, yet balanced designs will result in improved accuracy, stability and speed. 

Quality work tools are crucial to success of any artisans and esthetician. We are proud to be able to introduce tweezers at the highest quality that will make lashing smoother and enjoyable experiences for lash artists. 

If you have any questions about tweezers and other products, please contact us anytime at

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