Active Lifestyle with Eyelash Extensions


Active lifestyle is a big part of everyone's lives. Whether you run, do yoga, or dance, etc, it always makes feel good to look glam while getting sweat on. Eyelash extensions should stay on point while you are sweating it out if they are applied correctly at a spa and taken care of correctly at home. Unless, active lifestyle (sweat/water) will damage your eyelash extensions and result in falling out much quicker. Please read on to find out our tips for keeping your lashes on point while keeping your active lifestyle. 

1) No Sweat for 24 Hour
So if you are regular getting eyelash extensions, you probably know that avoiding showering and washing your faces within first 24 hours is a must rule for a longevity of your eyelash extension. The same rule applies for sweat. Sweating within 24 hours of getting your lashes applied can effect retention. If you must exercise that day, choose an activity that does not cause you to sweat and require showing after. 

2) Clean your lashes
We have seen a lot of clients, who have beautiful and well taken-care skin, with their natural lashes cramped with mascara, eye makeup, or unrecognizable residue siting on lashes. A lot of people overlook the importance of cleaning natural lashes for the longevity of eyelash extensions. 
After your workout, make sure you cleanse your lashes. It is important to clean your lashes after a workout because the salt and residue from sweat could sit and stay on your lashes. Having that residue on your lashes effects retention and breaks down adhesive. 

Hope these tips help you keep your lashes look flawless and stay on!!!