Umela Eyelash Training Courses

So we have been getting a lot of question regards to which lash training course to take. I thought I would give you a mini guideline for Umela Eyelash Extension training courses here. 

If you do not have a prior experience applying eyelash extensions or has very little experience, you must start with Basic Lash Course Level I.  In this course, you will learn a basic lash application technique in this course. You will be sent home with a lash kit after the practical training at Umela training center. The more you practice at home, the better you will be at lashing.

Basic Lash Course Level II is designed for those for have completed Umela Basic Lash Course Level I or equivalent in order to participate. In this course, you will learn how to remove eyelashes without damaging natural lashes and refill. If a clean wants to keep a full look, she/he must come back every two-three weeks for a refill. Refill is to remove overgrown and twisted extensions and apply newer one to make it look like a fresh set. Eyelash extensions must fall out at some point, otherwise it may end up damaging the natural lashes and follicle of natural lashes. We begin Level II training with questionnaire. It is common that a lash trainee has a lot of questions to ask after a first training. 

These two course mention previously are the ultimate courses to start your career as an eyelash extension artist. Once you mater all the basic techniques and feel comfortable applying extensions on a client, you may take an advanced training courses such as volume lashes. 

We are always happy to hear from our potential trainees. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions. 

Happy lashes!!!