Why a lash artist needs to get in formation

Good posture is one of the most important parts of a lash artist’s self-care, Bad postures can lead to muscle stiffness and strains, join pain, back, neck, shoulder, and wrist problems, and worst- headaches. As lash artists, we bent over all day and every day and are more likely to experience pain on our bodies. Luckily, posture is not too hard to correct. If you would like to prolog your lash career,  here are 9 tips to keep yours in check:

1. Sit on a comfortable chair or saddle stool, ideally, with backrest. 
2. Keep your core tight and your shoulders down.
3. Your client’s head should be chest level and at the edge of the bed.
4. Avoid sitting in the same position as much as possible (move around between clients) 
5. When you replace your adhesive dot, stretch your hands and wrists.
6. Exercise your eyes as well by looking at the furthest point in the room. (stare at greens during break) 
7. Take time and stretch between clients. 
8. Wear magnifying glasses
9. Get regular massage

Following these tips, your back will thank you in the long run! Pain free of happy lashing career!