A Must Visit for All Beauty Lovers- Cosmo Prof Asia

I know it is way overdue, but I would like to post about my trip to Cosmo Prof Asia back in November 2017. 

Cosmo Prof Asia is the leading business-to-business beauty trade show in the Asia Pacific region, taking place in November in Hong Kong. In 2017 only, it attracted 76,818 visitors from 49 countries and regions, including 24 country and group pavilions took up 98,000 sqm of space at the venues. It was by far the largest and most overwhelming show, compare to any international trade shows I've been to  in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Tokyo. 

During my 3 day visit to the show, I've focused on doing a research eyelash extensions suppliers, which doesn't limit only to eyelashes itself but tools.  Majority of exhibitors specialized in eyelash extension and its supplies are from mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea in impression. China and Vietnam are more wholesale focused business which offer anything from individual eyelash extensions to mascara wands manufactured in their own countries. On the other hand, a lot of exhibitors from Taiwan and Korean had eyelash extension demos throughout the days as well as offering trainings on internationally.

There were a lot of interesting products that I had never seen, like neon eyelash extensions, LED light strip lashes, top-notch hand made tweezers from Japan. I was impressed by such a creative products. However, eyelash extension demo was nothing compared to them. I believe eyelash extension application and level of training courses is something that need more awareness and guidance for safer and healthier technique. I managed to hold myself back from raising a red flag when I saw one of the exhibitors from Taiwan were doing lash demo without covering its model's lower lashes. Since we must use adhesive to apply eyelash extensions on natural lashes, upper and lower lashes will stuck together, if lower lashes are not covered properly. 

Another thing I noticed at the Cosmo Prof Asia 2017 was that eyelash extension was not a mainly stream in Hong Kong beauty industry yet. People were more enthusiastic about facial and mani/pedi. When we visited every major eyelash extension spas in both Hong Kong and Kowloon Island, it seemed spas were catered to transplants and wealthy native Hong Kong people. Pricing for eyelash extension service is around the same in San Francisco, California, or slightly more, and that is understandable considering how steep rental price is in Hong Kong. 

There are a lot of room for eyelash extensions industry to grow in Hong Kong. Umela is planning to have its own booth at Cosmo Prof Asia 2018. We are committed to bring  Japan Quality eyelash extensions supplies, as well as training courses that will lead a trainee to be a successful eyelash extensionist. We cannot wait to see you all in November in Hong Kong.