Spring Time In Japan

Spring time in Japan in nothing less than magical. From late March (now!) to early April, the iconic tree, Cherry Blossom capture the whole attention as beautiful soft pink flower covering the sky. Nowhere quite does Cherry blossom season like Japan. It is hard to describe its beauty and elegance with words. Every year, I feel the excitement as pink petal fill the city in a picture perfect welcome to spring. It brings me back a bitter-sweet memory with my family back then when I was a little girl.

Hope our Umela family all over the world can visit us in Japan during this most beautiful season some day, so that we can all go to Hanami together.


Lash Training in Hong Kong Returns this Spring!! May 11th & May 12th


Hi Everyone!! With the high request from our friends in Hong Kong and China, Umela decided to have another lash training courses this Spring, May 11th and 12th !!

Umela lash trainer, Yumi, is a renowned lash artist from Tokyo, Japan. She has been featured on TV not only in Japan but in South Asia numerous times. Her techniques is impeccable and detailed. This is one time only opportunity for you to learn from her to start your new career!!!

Training courses offered:
Basic Lash Course Level I
Basic Lash Course Level II

For any further questions, please email us at info@umela.net.

We CANNOT wait to see you at the training. Let’s lash and have fun together!!!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

Just reminding you again that Umela is hosting lash training courses in Hong Kong on January 20th and 21st. We are fully booked out on the 21st, but have 2 more slots available (as of January 6th). You will get to learn top-notch lash techniques from Yumi, the owner of the renowned lash spa in Shibuya, Tokyo. Don’t miss out this opportunity.

NEW Year, NEW Career


Umela Lash Training in Hong Kong !


Umela is hosting its first lash training in Hong Kong on January 20th and 21st in 2019.

We were over the moon meeting our current and potential students & clients at CosmoProf Asia 2018 in Hong Kong last month. We had no idea how many people in Hong Kong were interested in learning the art of eyelash extension techniques. This is why Umela decided to bring out training program to Hong Kong this coming January!

We already have some singed up for the 3D Volume and Tokyo Speed training. We have 4 more slots available for any courses. If you are interested in learning and becoming a lash artist, this is your opportunity!

For any questions or concerns, please email us at info@umela.net

We are here to help and asset you for your new career :)


CosmoProf Asia 2018

Thank you so much for visiting Umela booth during CosmoProf Asia 2018. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet all our current and potential customers in person, and introduce Umela’s newest products and techniques. We appreciate your interest in eyelash extensions supplies and its related products.

Our top products at the CosmoProf was ceramic tweezers, russian sable lashes, and Tokyo speed lash courses.

Since the show was very busy, we wanted to make sure that you have all the information regarding out products and services. We sill start filling the requests for more information and samples via emails over the this/next week.

Again, thank you so much for visiting us!


Umela トレーニングとオンラインショップについて



さて、Umela のオンラインショップについて何件かのお問い合わせメールがございましたので、こちらで報告をいたします。ながらくお待たせしてしまい申し訳ありません。遂にオンラインショップが8月末〜9月頭を目安に稼働いたします。素直に嬉しいです💓💓💓

現時点では個別にオーダーを受け付けております。Umela Top 2 人気商品は Tweezers と Russian Sable Lash です。お問い合わせは日本語、英語で受け付けておりますのでご質問のある際にはメールか電話でご連絡ください。

Umela ✨✨✨


Umela Tweezers -Strictly handmade in Japan

Umela offers a selection of high-quality lash extension tweezers. Today, let me introduce one of our most popular tweezers, New Ceramic Tweezer. 

Ceramic Tweezer is strictly handmade in Tsubame-Sanjyo, Japan. Tsubame Sanjyo is located in the center of Nigata prefecture, about two hours from Tokyo station by a bullet train. Currently this cozy city forms a major industrial cluster area of industrial products which inherited the ancient tradition of Japan. Products includes cutting tools, work tools, and tableware, just to name a few. The dedicated attention to details and high craftsmanship of the products made the city name known in Japan, as well as in the world. 

Umela is honored to work with craftspersons from Tsubame-Sanjyo to create products that are friendly with not only eyelash extension artist but beautiful. Below are just a few facts about the Umela ceramic tweezers

1. Ceramic is nearly three times harder than stainless steel. 
Umela trainers have been suing the ceramic tweezers for nearly 2 years. They have of course,    dropped tweezers multiple of times, yet, tips have not get bent so far.

2. Strictly handmade in Japan
With Japanese attention to details and craftsmanship that has been inherited over generations and generations, Umela ceramic tweezers are strictly handmade in Japan. Product inspection are conducted at various stages of product manufacturing process to ensure the quality of product. 

3. Light as feather and easy to grip lashes
Umela ceramic tweezers and light weight, yet balanced designs will result in improved accuracy, stability and speed. 

Quality work tools are crucial to success of any artisans and esthetician. We are proud to be able to introduce tweezers at the highest quality that will make lashing smoother and enjoyable experiences for lash artists. 

If you have any questions about tweezers and other products, please contact us anytime at info@umela.net

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.08.57 PM.png

Active Lifestyle with Eyelash Extensions


Active lifestyle is a big part of everyone's lives. Whether you run, do yoga, or dance, etc, it always makes feel good to look glam while getting sweat on. Eyelash extensions should stay on point while you are sweating it out if they are applied correctly at a spa and taken care of correctly at home. Unless, active lifestyle (sweat/water) will damage your eyelash extensions and result in falling out much quicker. Please read on to find out our tips for keeping your lashes on point while keeping your active lifestyle. 

1) No Sweat for 24 Hour
So if you are regular getting eyelash extensions, you probably know that avoiding showering and washing your faces within first 24 hours is a must rule for a longevity of your eyelash extension. The same rule applies for sweat. Sweating within 24 hours of getting your lashes applied can effect retention. If you must exercise that day, choose an activity that does not cause you to sweat and require showing after. 

2) Clean your lashes
We have seen a lot of clients, who have beautiful and well taken-care skin, with their natural lashes cramped with mascara, eye makeup, or unrecognizable residue siting on lashes. A lot of people overlook the importance of cleaning natural lashes for the longevity of eyelash extensions. 
After your workout, make sure you cleanse your lashes. It is important to clean your lashes after a workout because the salt and residue from sweat could sit and stay on your lashes. Having that residue on your lashes effects retention and breaks down adhesive. 

Hope these tips help you keep your lashes look flawless and stay on!!! 

Umela Eyelash Training Courses

So we have been getting a lot of question regards to which lash training course to take. I thought I would give you a mini guideline for Umela Eyelash Extension training courses here. 

If you do not have a prior experience applying eyelash extensions or has very little experience, you must start with Basic Lash Course Level I.  In this course, you will learn a basic lash application technique in this course. You will be sent home with a lash kit after the practical training at Umela training center. The more you practice at home, the better you will be at lashing.

Basic Lash Course Level II is designed for those for have completed Umela Basic Lash Course Level I or equivalent in order to participate. In this course, you will learn how to remove eyelashes without damaging natural lashes and refill. If a clean wants to keep a full look, she/he must come back every two-three weeks for a refill. Refill is to remove overgrown and twisted extensions and apply newer one to make it look like a fresh set. Eyelash extensions must fall out at some point, otherwise it may end up damaging the natural lashes and follicle of natural lashes. We begin Level II training with questionnaire. It is common that a lash trainee has a lot of questions to ask after a first training. 

These two course mention previously are the ultimate courses to start your career as an eyelash extension artist. Once you mater all the basic techniques and feel comfortable applying extensions on a client, you may take an advanced training courses such as volume lashes. 

We are always happy to hear from our potential trainees. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions. 

Happy lashes!!! 


初めまして Umela Eyelash Extension です

初めまして!! Umela Eyelash Extension です。

日本の職人さんの手仕事、物作りに反映された高度な技術と崇高な精神を世界に発信したいとの想いより、アイラッシュエクステンションのサプライ&トレーニングプログラムのブランド、Umela Eyelash Extension を2017年度に設立しました。まだまだ新しいブランドですが、お陰様で、日本、アメリカ、中国、そして東南アジアにて展開させて頂いております。

また、テレビに多数出演されている、あのCrazy Beauty (渋谷 東京)さんとパートナーシップを組み、日本のお客様により良い品質とトレーニングプログラムを渋谷よりお届けしています。今後は日本語と英語でブログをアップしていきますので、何卒よろしくお願いします。




Why a lash artist needs to get in formation

Good posture is one of the most important parts of a lash artist’s self-care, Bad postures can lead to muscle stiffness and strains, join pain, back, neck, shoulder, and wrist problems, and worst- headaches. As lash artists, we bent over all day and every day and are more likely to experience pain on our bodies. Luckily, posture is not too hard to correct. If you would like to prolog your lash career,  here are 9 tips to keep yours in check:

1. Sit on a comfortable chair or saddle stool, ideally, with backrest. 
2. Keep your core tight and your shoulders down.
3. Your client’s head should be chest level and at the edge of the bed.
4. Avoid sitting in the same position as much as possible (move around between clients) 
5. When you replace your adhesive dot, stretch your hands and wrists.
6. Exercise your eyes as well by looking at the furthest point in the room. (stare at greens during break) 
7. Take time and stretch between clients. 
8. Wear magnifying glasses
9. Get regular massage

Following these tips, your back will thank you in the long run! Pain free of happy lashing career! 


A Must Visit for All Beauty Lovers- Cosmo Prof Asia

I know it is way overdue, but I would like to post about my trip to Cosmo Prof Asia back in November 2017. 

Cosmo Prof Asia is the leading business-to-business beauty trade show in the Asia Pacific region, taking place in November in Hong Kong. In 2017 only, it attracted 76,818 visitors from 49 countries and regions, including 24 country and group pavilions took up 98,000 sqm of space at the venues. It was by far the largest and most overwhelming show, compare to any international trade shows I've been to  in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Tokyo. 

During my 3 day visit to the show, I've focused on doing a research eyelash extensions suppliers, which doesn't limit only to eyelashes itself but tools.  Majority of exhibitors specialized in eyelash extension and its supplies are from mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea in impression. China and Vietnam are more wholesale focused business which offer anything from individual eyelash extensions to mascara wands manufactured in their own countries. On the other hand, a lot of exhibitors from Taiwan and Korean had eyelash extension demos throughout the days as well as offering trainings on internationally.

There were a lot of interesting products that I had never seen, like neon eyelash extensions, LED light strip lashes, top-notch hand made tweezers from Japan. I was impressed by such a creative products. However, eyelash extension demo was nothing compared to them. I believe eyelash extension application and level of training courses is something that need more awareness and guidance for safer and healthier technique. I managed to hold myself back from raising a red flag when I saw one of the exhibitors from Taiwan were doing lash demo without covering its model's lower lashes. Since we must use adhesive to apply eyelash extensions on natural lashes, upper and lower lashes will stuck together, if lower lashes are not covered properly. 

Another thing I noticed at the Cosmo Prof Asia 2017 was that eyelash extension was not a mainly stream in Hong Kong beauty industry yet. People were more enthusiastic about facial and mani/pedi. When we visited every major eyelash extension spas in both Hong Kong and Kowloon Island, it seemed spas were catered to transplants and wealthy native Hong Kong people. Pricing for eyelash extension service is around the same in San Francisco, California, or slightly more, and that is understandable considering how steep rental price is in Hong Kong. 

There are a lot of room for eyelash extensions industry to grow in Hong Kong. Umela is planning to have its own booth at Cosmo Prof Asia 2018. We are committed to bring  Japan Quality eyelash extensions supplies, as well as training courses that will lead a trainee to be a successful eyelash extensionist. We cannot wait to see you all in November in Hong Kong. 


Introduction Russian Sable Lashes

Umela is thrilled to announce our line of lash extensions known as the Russian Sable lash extensions. Developed meticulously in Japan, the Russian Sable lashes are superior to the conventional mink and silk lashes in their finer size, feather-light weight, and ability to retain their curved shape over time. Highly recommended for those seeking natural, fuller-looking lash extensions, below are the suggestion to the price of Russian Sable extensions services in your spa. 

Service                          Regular Mink Lashes           Russian Sable Lashes

Full Set                                $175                                     $245

Half Set                              $130                                     $165

2-3 weekTouch Up              $80                                      $100


Russian Sable extensions vs. conventional silk and milk extensions