Beginner Level 1 & 2 Package Course


Beginner Level 1 & 2 Package Course


Beginner Level 1 and 2 package courses at the discounted rate.

This is an introductory course to Eyelash Extensions. A trainee will learn basic lashing skills, such as lash application, lash removal and lash refill. A training kit ($400 value) is included in the total price of the course. This course covers both Beginner Level 1 and 2 materials to prepare a trainee to start taking his/her first client.

The kit includes:

1. One tool box
2. Two tweezers
3. One umela lash glue
4. One umbel lash remover
5. Gel pads
6. One crystal glue pallet
7. One 3M tape
8. One set of micro-applicators
9. One pack of micro brushes
10.One air blower
11.Six packages of lashes: C, J, D curl in Mink and Russian Sable 

A trainee may ask any theory or practical questions related to the training taken up to 2 weeks since the completion of the course. 

50% of total fee is refundable for cancellations made two weeks prior to the start of training. Fee is not refundable passed two weeks prior to the training date. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours upon payment for the class.

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