3D Volume Lash Course


Test & Theory

1.    Introduction to the 3D Volume Lash Course
2.    You will be tested for 30 min on your current lashing technique
(If you are not to pass the test, you may be asked to take Beginner courses)

1.    Questionnaire
2.    3D Volume eyelash techniques and tips
3.    Troubleshootin
4.    After care
5.    Pricing
6.    Russia Sabe Lash


Learn the art of applying 2D and 3D volume eyelash extensions, using 0.07 and 0.1 in Russian Sable lashes. You may learn how to use 0.05 lashes.

1.    Sponge practice instruction
2.    Practical training on sponge
3.    Practical training on a mannequi
4.    Model practice instruction
5.    Practical training on a model