Umela is proud to bring Japan quality lash supplies to the industry. Below are only a few example of Umela products manufactured in Japan at the top quality with dedicated craftsmanship and product management.


Russian Sable Lashes

Developed over a period of four years with Japanese delicate attention to detail, the Russian Sable extensions are soft, feather-light and have excellent curve retention. They look more natural on client eyes and highly recommended for those who have fair natural lashes and are looking for more voluminous thicker extensions. Animal and cruelty free product. 


Joint Project with PHARMACEUTICAL Company

By undertaking through a joint business with Kyowa Pharmaceutical Company (Saitama, Japna), Umela is honored to bring on medical grade product management for the following products;
Umela Adhesive Premium Series
Umela Lash Remover
Umela Lash Cleanser & Make Up Remover


Handcrafted Tweezers

Umela Ceramic tweezers are handcrafted in Japan by artisans who have dedicated their lives to master its craft techniques. Not like conventional tweezers made of alloy blend of steel, ceramic tweezers are substantial but light, and points meet perfectly resulting in facilitating picking up individual lashes smoother. Accurate, powerful, yet sensitive are three words to describe these tweezers. Most popular product of Umela