Maruto Grooming Kit - 8 Items

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Maruto Grooming Kit - 8 Items


(from the left) 
-Brow Shaping Scissors
-Ear Pick
-Tooth Pick
-Nail File
-Nail Cutter
-Nostril Scissors


Marto Hasegawa Craft Center opened its doors to the public in 1924 in Sanjo City, Japan. Sanjo City is now a major production center leading japan in the manufacturing of metal products since the Edo period. Most notably, cutlery made in Sanjo are known for its high quality. These cutlery are given the title “Sanjo Japan Brand” demonstrating a mark of excellence. Marto Hasagawa is leading the tradition of making these cutlery.

Throughout the entire process, from forging to packaging , Marto Hasegawa commits to a 50 step process necessary to create a perfect tool. Such “integrated production” develops fine management and continued quality to be realized.

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