Lash Artist Projected Annual Revenue POtential (in US$)

Eyelash Extensions are currently the most lucrative service you can offer in the beauty industry and growing at an exponential rate.

The cost of an initial set of eyelash extension will vary on the look you are trying to create for a client. The typical initial cost is anywhere from $175 and up. Touch ups and fills are usually based on amount of time rather than the amount of lashes. Fills taking 30 minutes can cost $45 and up and fill taking an hour may cost $80 and up. What you charge will also depend on your area.

Example of a client A visit to lash services

1) An initial set of eyelash extensions $175  2) Two weeks later for a Touch up $80
Total expense during a first month for the client A is $175 + $80 = $225

Client A comes back following month for two Touch ups
1) Each Touch up is $ 80  
Total expense during the second month for the client A is $80 + $ 80 = $160

If you have 100 clientele who visit you for a touch up every two weeks, your potential revenue is $160 X 100 = $16,000 and up per month. 

The success of your business will depend on your marketing strategy, business location, as well as quality of your work. Below shows the projected annual revenue potential before any business expense deducted. 

Estimated Annual Revenue For a Full Set (in US$)

1 Full Set= Approx. 2 Hours

Estimated Annual Revenue For A Touch Up (In US$)

Estimated by 2-3 Week Touch up Clients