Megaup Lash Course

This course teaches new eyelash extension technique that make natural lashes point upward without any strain to them. It is a new technique and very popular in Japan, continuing just after volume lash. The course is imited to those who have been finished Umela Basic Lash Course Level I and Level II training or something equivalent.



1.    What is MEGAUP Lash
2.    Candidate for MEGAUP Lash and consultation
3.    MEGAUP techniques and tips
4.    Troubleshooting
5.    Pricing


1.    Practical instruction on one eye
2.    Practical Training on one eye
3.    Touch up instruction
4.    Practical touch up training on one eye 
5.    Learn the art of technique to correct downward facing lashes to upward. 

Tokyo Speed Lash Course

Learn Umela’s original keys to improve the speed of your lashing technique for better turn over at your salon. 


Test & Theory

A trainee must present his/her current lashing techniques.

1.    What is Tokyo Speed Lash and its benefit
2.    Candidate for Tokyo Speed Lash Consultation 
3.    Tokyo Speed Lash techniques and tips
4.    Troubleshooting
5.    Pricing    


1.    Practical instruction on a model or a mannequin

2.    Practical training on a model or a mannequin