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After a decade of living in a foreign country, and experiencing a thrilling journey which is joyous, challenging and everything in between, I yearned to learn more about my own country, Japan. My return to Tokyo brought me closer to my own roots, which is full of pure beauty, craftsmanship and heritage.

One of the most important aspect that fascinated me about Japan is the spirit of craftsmanship. The techniques and methods behind Japanese craftsmanship have been inherited for generations and represent the history, culture and soul of Japan. Everything is done carefully, beautifully and to the utmost best of one's ability. There is no doubt that Japanese craftsmanship is something that I want to share with the world

Today, Umela works with artisans in Japan and  teams in the U.S. to provide services and products, emphasizing on the spirit of Japanese quality, that satisfies our customers. We have collaborated with LashSpot SF in San Francisco, California, and CrazyBeauty in Tokyo, Japan to collect numerous amounts of data. Through this collaboration Umela has created formulas from scratch with the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship. This assisted us to make sure that our products are for anyone of any skin type. By undertaking thorough quality management through a joint business with Kyowa Pharmaceutical Company(Saitama, Japan) we are honored to be the group to introduce top Japanese quality products and anything equivalent in any market of the world

We wish to continue to be a company that can guarantee the satisfaction of all our customers, employees, and dealers with Japan Quality and to provide safety and gentleness both in Japan and overseas.

Humbly thank you for your continuous support. 

CEO Mika T

Mika T

Lash Trainer  Yumi O

Lash Trainer

Yumi O

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With much love and appreciation